Baboon Dragon: A Poem

Baboon Dragon

Little Baba closed his eyes

And said good night to Dad and Mum.

When in his dream he saw a dragon

With orange scales and a big red bum.

Despite the dragon being so tall,

Despite him being so terribly smelly,

His big red bum made Baba laugh,

The giggles burst out from his belly.

The dragon lowered his angry head

And fire came blowing from his nose,

“How can you be so rude and cruel?

I cannot help how my bum grows.

I simply cannot understand

Why people never find me scary

Instead they always point and laugh

Each and every time they see me.”

Baba watched the dragon’s face,

His sad black eyes full up of tears.

He decided then and there

To take away the dragon’s fears.

“We’ll find you some green underpants

With one big spiky orange scale,

They’ll cover up your big red bum,

They’ll even match your swishing tail.”
They found a seamstress in the town,

Sleeping soundly in her bed.

“Wake up,” cried Baba, “We need your help,

Go and fetch your needle and thread.”

For one whole night and one whole day,

the seamstress worked on steady

When evening came she finally stopped

At last the underpants were ready.

Into his pants the dragon climbed,

“They fit me perfectly!” he cried,

“I look so frightening and so fierce,

Perhaps I’ll even find a bride!”

While walking back to the dragon’s cave

They met the world’s bravest man.

“Aghh!” he cried, “A scary dragon!”

He turned on his heel and away he ran.

The dragon shouted out with glee,

“Now I’m as scary as all the others!

No one will laugh at me anymore

Especially not my fiery brothers!”

A maiden dragon watched the pair

Admiring high above a hill

The handsome dragon, so big and scary

And a little baby she could kill.

She pounced down onto little Baba

“No!” cried dragon, “He’s my friend.

He saved me from a life of sadness

He put my misery to an end.”

“But what shall I eat?” the maiden asked,

“If I can’t eat babes for dinner?”

“We’ll eat soup and bread, and apple pie.

Even if it makes us thinner.”

They looked into each others eyes,

They fell in love and vowed to wed.

So little Baba said goodbye

And woke up in his cosy bed.


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