A Strand of Wind : A Poem

A Strand of Wind


If I could see a strand of wind,

I’d watch where it would land.

I’d creep up slowly and then pounce

And clasp it in my hand.


I’d carefully sneak it home that day

And bind it around my finger.

A wedding band for only me,

A private place to linger.


Every night I’d take the strand

And tell it all my stories.

My secrets, gossip and my dreams

My woes and all my glories.


Then on the nights I’d lay awake,

Unable to close my eyes.

I’d pick each thought out of my mind

And flick away the cries.


I’d unwrap that little strand of wind

And tie each thought so tight.

Then twist it back around my finger

Holding me all night.


When the strand would get too heavy

And no longer could I wear it.

I’d throw that strand into the air,

And then the wind would bear it.


That little strand would float away,

My secrets hidden deep.

My mind would feel so light and free

No obstacles to sleep.


If someday I found I missed it,

Returned to my wakeful bed.

I’d reach up into night sky

And catch a star instead.